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Growing crops on marginal land in adverse seasons is fraught with risk not only to the farm business, but also to keeping your essential resource of Soil Healthy, stable and productive.
Building Soil Health using basic biological management methods increases soil organic matter, water-holding & soil stability improving crop production outcomes – and profitability! Most cropping systems have advanced in recent years to using controlled traffic and stubble mulching methods but still retain:

  • Limited (if any) soil nutrient testing focussing instead on plant growth requirements as the primary input determinant
  • Over cultivation of soil surface in preparation for sowing without investigating deeper soil physical limitations such as compaction, air and water holding capacity
  • Ignorance of the many gains that soil organic matter and active soil microbiology can bring

AgriSolutions can provide advice and guidance in optimising all the potential management options needed to embrace short and long term gains while keeping a lid on up-front and ongoing costs by:

  • Conducting thorough benchmarking of soil nutrients in their available, exchangeable and total forms
  • Assess the soil physical nature identifying all its attributes or limits
  • Review current growing methods to determine where the biggest gains can be obtained in engaging the most easily adapted biological features
  • Record history of the property so that any underlying issues from the past can be included in determining future practices
  • Combine all of the above in a holistic plan which can be rolled out over several seasons or as the property manager feels comfortable

Underwriting all of the above is the notion that an active biological growing system reduces the stresses, worries and costly interventions associated with a fragile growing system when adverse conditions such as rainfall deficits, frost, disease and pests dominate.

Contact this office to find out how you can benefit from AgriSolutions experience in building a resilient cropping system to save time, money – and worries!

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