Featuring a protective shroud/handle. Registers from 0 – 100 degrees C with the dial even showing the optimal temperature range for compost making of between 55 – 70 degrees C.


Growing annuals is very destructive to Soil Health leading to pest and disease becoming normal and weeds proliferating. Introducing incremental low-cost changes to management reduces costly inputs and practices over time.

Grazing, Pasture & Turf

Perennials improve Soil Health except when frequent disturbance or trauma are experienced. Compaction is the biggest enemy followed by depleted organic matter, both essential for durability and healthy growth.

Broadacre & Cropping

Building Soil Health using basic biological management methods increases soil organic matter, water-holding & soil stability improving crop production outcomes – and profitability!

Arboriculture & Tree Crops

Any amount of pruning, tree work or measurement is not going to supplant Soil Health as the primary driver of optimum Tree Health. Sensibly investing in this foundation is essential to the growth and long term health of these long lived plants.

The New NPK

A unique holistic approach to Soil Health management benchmarking Nutrients, Physical structure and Key biology while reviewing past practices before agreeing to apply any inputs provides new hope to many soil managers.

Workshops, Training & Consultation

AgriSolutions offers training and programs in a host of different holistic Soil Health centred topics: The new NPK, Soil Food Web, Visual Soil Assessment, Permaculture principles, Organics & Bio-Dynamics, HQ Compost making, AA Compost Tea brewing.

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