About Us – The AgriSolutions Formula

AgriSolutions is keen to promote a structured holistic approach to Soil Health management by applying the new NPK principles in a sensible and economic way. Involving history recording and thorough benchmarking of Soil Health status and other critical factors by measuring the Nutrient, Physical and Key biology parameters makes this method unique and very complete. Detailed independent laboratory testing where warranted plus mandated on-site Visual Soil Assessment are performed before any work programs are undertaken. This includes identifying the limiting factors in the current growing system while focussing on establishing a functional microbial army to fight any deficiencies and help build resilience in the future growing system. Carbon sequestration, soil water holding & utilisation, soil root penetration, soil stability, disease resistance, pest impact reduction are by-products of this more economic system of growing.

The power of the complete Soil Food Web when fully engaged can be realised once management is modified towards nurturing this willing workforce in the soil and around plants and animals. This is the biomimicry part of what is possible in the business of agriculture of tomorrow.

In an agricultural industry that has historically supported the philosophies of bigger, better, faster and cheaper,

  • Agrisolutions stands as a cornerstone to biologically and economically driven sustainable agriculture.
  • For AgriSolutions part, addressing the cause rather than the symptom is fundamental to ongoing success.
  • Modern farming is about not only meeting current financial and social demands but also managing the true fertility of the soil for future generations.
  • It is in this arena that Agrisolutions provides leadership, advice and training to help create a sustainable soil and crop management system

The philosophy and motivation of AgriSolutions largely stems from the passion and beliefs of the Managing Director, Gerhard Grasser. His passion for natural living and sustainable agricultural practices is unsurprisingly extended to those around him and hence the business was formed and grown substantially. His passion to teach others about natural alternatives for the environment and particularly farming never waned and this drive has lead him to expand his own knowledge and skills to meet the increasing demands of this “mentoring” role.

AgriSolutions is recognised as

  • A reputable advisory service for farm management practices in and around Gippsland with steadily increasing numbers of clients throughout other regions of Australia.
  • Its growth has been determined over the long term by the company’s willingness to educate its customers and develop a sense of trust and integrity rather than just as an avenue to sell product.

Driven by the principles and philosophies of natural fertility and health management -on a personal, farm, catchment and global basis – AgriSolutions works in close liaison with its customers to support a successful holistic approach to any growing situation. It is these values that underpin the connection that the farmer client has with his immediate environment and the responsibility he has nurturing the natural resource base on behalf of future generations.

Today the management of AgriSolutions can claim

  • some 19 years of continuous development, sales and service to all sectors of agriculture, turf and home growers
  • by involving expert practitioners and research scientists
  • plus AgriSolutions is known for having input to policy and standards at a national, state and regional level leading independent laboratories to analyse soils, plants and water.

AgriSolutions is very proud to have been a finalist in the following:

  • SP Ausnet 2010 Baw Baw Business Excellence Awards
  • SP Ausnet 2009 Baw Baw Business Excellence Awards
  • Bendigo Bank 2010 Gippsland Business Awards
  • Bendigo Bank 2009 Gippsland Business Awards
  • Telstra 2006 Gippsland Business Awards

The AgriSolutions Team

Gerhard Grasser
Managing Director

Carol Olsen
Office Manager