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Perennials improve Soil Health except when frequent disturbance or trauma are experienced. Compaction is the biggest enemy followed by depleted organic matter, both essential for durability and healthy growth.
A very real disconnect has been underway for decades in grazing, pastures and turf. Traditionalists are adamant all that is required are:

  • The correct balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium with possibly some Calcium (lime) or Sulphur thrown in to ameliorate pH and maybe a scattering of trace elements applied
  • A monoculture of grass species that is grazed, harvested or mown to remove as much of the plant as is deemed necessary for the enterprise
  • Application of chemical sprays to deal with any diseases, pests or weeds

This approach simply is not sustainable and has no hope of restoring the full potential of the soil to where it should be. The reality is that there is an enormous army of willing workers that graziers, pastoralists and turf managers are ignoring at their peril.

AgriSolutions approach is to:

  • Conduct independent soil testing of ALL nutrients in their 3 forms plus the macro and microbiological army analysed where conditions warrant
  • Gather Visual Soil Assessment reports to benchmark and correlate with the other data. Soil compaction, structure and root penetration are only 3 of the multitude of basic observations made in the VSA
  • Collect and record a history of previous and current management methods, including prevalent weed, pest and disease issues and renovation cycles
  • An audit of infrastructure and available equipment to project forward possible management options including grazing, harvesting or mowing management – and even Advanced Microbial Composting or Actively Aerated Compost Tea use
  • Combine data and information gathered and design custom growing systems adaptable to your needs – and that of the plants which help build and retain Soil Health and your business health

If you want to begin to learn to understand how to tap into this very real possibility of regenerating your soils while reducing costs, worry and stress, contact the AgriSolutions office today.

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