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Growing annuals is very destructive to Soil Health leading to pest and disease becoming normal and weeds proliferating. Introducing incremental low-cost changes to management reduces costly inputs and practices over time.
Most horticulturalists or growers of annual plants believe production is simply a matter of:

  • Adding basic (macro) and trace (micro) nutrients in the form of fertilisers – often without soil nutrient testing
  • Working the soil into a fine tilth or seedbed – not realising that tractors and implements physically damage the soil and drive out essential carbon
  • Control any weeds, pests or disease using sprays or unproductive lay periods to kill them or break their cycles – costing a heap of money and adding to the chemical burden soils and plants deal with

AgriSolutions is clear this is not the future of plant food production and that a more natural scientifically-based method must be taken up before input costs get out of hand and external resources are eaten up. Using the new NPK model of Soil Health management, AgriSolutions accurately benchmarks then develops detailed holistic programs with client involvement by:

  • Conducting independent soil testing of ALL nutrients in their 3 forms plus microbiological analyses for high value crops
  • Gathering soil physical condition reports to correlate with the other data
  • Recording a history of previous and current farm management methods, including dealing with weed, pest and disease issues
  • Auditing farm infrastructure and available equipment to project possible management changes which may include composting or other valuable waste-to-resource conversions
  • Combining data and information gathered to formulate custom growing systems adaptable to your needs – and the needs of the growing system which also builds Soil Health

Contact this office for more details on how we can work with you to remove impediments to your business profitability and Soil Health potential.

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