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Any amount of pruning, tree work or measurement is not going to supplant Soil Health as the primary driver of optimum Tree Health. Sensibly investing in this foundation is essential to the growth and long term health of these long lived plants.

The future of Plant Health Care in arboriculture and tree crops cannot continue in the same vein as for the past century.  Trees are a long lived plant with an inbuilt inertia to accommodate trauma that require specialised long term holistic management rather than the general agricultural practices usually adapted to their care.  Too often the issues related to health and production are buried in the tree’s history and not obvious to the layperson – and even experienced tree specialists not asking the correct questions.

Current practices include

  • Taking soil samples and performing laboratory analyses for NPK and some basic measures such as pH
  • Cutting limbs and roots to reduce the immediate impacts of and on the tree
  • Spraying or injecting chemicals to deal with pest infestations or diseases in foliage, trunk, roots or soils

Cutting of limbs and roots plus injecting trees or spraying foliage is certainly not the long term Plant Health Care most people would aspire to.  Certainly AgriSolutions is of the view that removal of plant material is a last resort and that Soil Health is the primary means of supporting these long life plants before they die a premature and unproductive end.  AgriSolutions maintains a thorough and methodical process is needed to explore every opportunity to retain or rapidly grow these precious plants by:

  • Discretely sampling soils to depth to obtain all nutrient, physical and key biological parameters in and around the rhizosphere
  • Conducting a detailed history of the site going back as much as a century for long established trees
  • Applying expert arboricultural assessment of existing trees to determine if any critical issues require immediate attention
  • Adapting and modifying current management practices after review of expectations that amenity trees may bring to the landscape
  • Providing works programs that can be easily taken up by clients as they transition to more holistic and natural tree maintenance and recovery

AgriSolutions has depth of knowledge and understanding that Plant Health Care is fundamentally all about Soil Health and with trees a careful investment in that area will reward the property owner for many years to come.

If you want to find out more about the exciting possibilities that generations to come can marvel at as a result of your actions, then let us know.

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