Refractometer/brix meter

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A refractometer is a very useful tool to measure liquids for their density via refraction through the instrument.  The density of plant sap gives an indication of its composition and in particular its sap sugar levels which can influence the plant’s susceptibility to frosts, insect attack and disease.  Higher brix readings align with higher tolerance of these conditions plus is an indication of better nutrient density of foods.

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This 0-32% brix meter helps collect plant sap sugar level data that broadly indicates plant health during growth and level of maturity in preparation for harvest of a wide variety of plant material.  It is after all the sugar levels with their associated mineral content that are the health giving qualities of plant and animal foods.  A refractometer allows on-site measurement to take place to make better informed decisions on when to cut hay/silage, pick fruit (grapes, stone fruit, pome, etc), select prime plant material for consumption and assess the usefulness of plant growing inputs. Make sure you order the free fact sheets about refractometers from this website.