Actively Aerated Compost Tea bucket brewer


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Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT) provides an opportunity to introduce a broad spectrum microbial inoculum to any soil and plant.  AACT acts as a microbial stimulant when applied as a drench, soil injection or foliar while at the same time supplying easily absorbed nutrients.  The bucket brewer kit allows the home gardener to make small batches of AACT to help build soil and plant health in a regenerative way, while multiple buckets can be connected to enable teas to be brewed for specific plant types – fungal teas for trees and shrubs while more bacterial teas for vegetables and even more bacterial for turf.

The Actively Aerated Compost Tea bucket brewer kit comes complete with some foods (Microbe Food kelp/fish/combo) and Advanced Microbial compost (where state laws allow).  Simply fill with water adding measured foods, place the microbial compost in the tea bag and power up for 24 hours of bubbling and aeration.  Apply neat or diluted as a foliar, drench or soil injection.   Explore the new way of soil and plant health management using the power and magic of microbes working 24/7.