Science in Agriculture


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Title:  Science in Agriculture
Author:  Dr Arden Andersen

Blurb:  Biological farming is a “best of both worlds” mix between organic and conventional farming practices, involving careful monitoring of crops and soils to ensure production is of high quality.

By ignoring the truth, ag-chemical enthusiasts are able to claim that pesticides and herbicides are necessary to feed the world.  But science points out that low-to-mediocre crop production, weed, disease, and insect pressures are all symptoms of nutritional imbalances and inadequacies of the soil. The progressive farmer who knows this, and adds a measure of common sense will grow bountiful, disease- and pest-free commodities without the use of toxic chemicals. A concise recap of the main schools of thought that make up eco-agriculture – all clearly explained. Both farmer and professional consultant will benefit from this important work.

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