Grass, The Forgiveness of Nature


Grass – The Forgiveness of Nature describes the essential role this plant species plays in food supply and ecosystem services.

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Title: Grass, The Forgiveness of Nature
Author:  Charles Walters

Subtitled ‘Exploring the Miracle of Grass, Pastures & Grassland Farming’, this book describes the role of grass in food supply and ecosystem services.  What is the most important plant in the world?  In terms of nutritive content, function within the ecosystem, and even medicinal properties, the answer to this question may very well be grass.  In this survey of grass forages and pastureland, Charles Walters makes the case that grass is not just for cows and horses, that it is the most nutritious food produced by nature and the ultimate soil conditioner.  You will learn how to create beautiful, lush, sustainable pastures, as well as how cutting-edge innovators use biodynamics and sea-solids fertilisation to create some of the healthiest grasslands in the world.  A must-read for anyone interested in sustainable, bio-correct agriculture.

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