The Bread Builders


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Title:  The Bread Builders
Authors:  Daniel Wing & Alan Scott

Blurb:  There is a renaissance of good bread. Exploring both the science and the artistry of baking bread, this book takes you behind the scenes of this revolution, revealing the keys to making your own great bread from start to finish, from grain to oven. A thoughtful, entertaining and authoritative book that shows you how to bake superb healthful bread and build your own masonry oven. Starting with grains and flours, leavens and doughs, the chemistry of bread, and the physics of baking, the book moves through a step-by-step guide to constructing a masonry oven. Included are profiles of small-scale bakers whose practices embody the holistic principles of community-oriented baking based on whole grains and natural leavens. A how-to book to add this value-added product to your farm-direct sales.

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