Agrisol Kelp Meal


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100% organic feed supplement suited to free-choice use provided it remains dry. Available in 1 tonne bulka bags, 1 tonne as 20kg bags, 1/2 tonne bulka bags and 1/2 tonne as 20kg bags and 20kg bags.

Kelp is the perfect iodine source in plant-available form with its complex of micro-nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and enormous water holding capacity. As a plant material it is second to none to improve metabolism and supply micro-nutrients. Also useful in compost making and as a soil additive. This Bull Kelp is very highly regarded as a nutritional supplement for stock.

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20 Kg, 1 tonne x 20 Kg, 1/2 tonne x 20 Kg, 1 tonne bulka bag